The Next Reality Wave

Last Night: The Housing Tumult begins. More on that later.

This morning: Computers crash & burn; cross with the CFO over ordering new ones

Concurrently: Credit agency calls to ask how I would like my wages garnished

Thereafter: Referee the Luddite semi-finals. Produce documentation showing that what we do in our accounting program is what is saved by the program; the program does not whimsically create what it feels like creating. Produced documentation to demonstrate that the reason the complaining project manager had so many garbage entries in his file was that he had requested they be entered. Closed before a hostile jury with statements suggesting ways to avoid such foolishness in the future, eg, lobotomies administered with an icepick.

2 thoughts on “The Next Reality Wave”

  1. (Hah! Computer is talking to the internet again!)
    In re: Concurrently
    You received a phone call from a woman who said something about trying to stop the garnishing. It sounded like there was some information she wanted to share.

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