Confirmation From The Expert

I’ve purchased No Plot? No Problem! and am very pleased to discover that I’ve already overcome most of the things that Baty, the author, warns are deadly obstacles. Since he was one of the 21 original NaNoWriMons and has “won” each of the seven times it has taken place, his words have weight.

So. Good. On track.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to “train” by writing on FFD (Feel For Death) almost-daily, with a “screw it, just write something” attitude that is gradually gaining me speed. And I’m still having fun, which is best of all.

11 thoughts on “Confirmation From The Expert”

    1. In fact, now that you mention it, that would be an excellent prize for daily writing; I shall make and freeze large amounts of cookie dough. You are a wonderful muse.

        1. Of course you may. Shall I add it to my tab? The cookies (plus interest at undoubtedly ruinous rates) should be stacking up nicely, at this rate.

          1. There is always a place for you at Entropy Acres. I checked with the redhead, and she agrees. I shall stockpile cookies.

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