The Grand Experiment

Shannon drove to work, I passenged (which must be the verb on which the word ‘passenger’ is based, yes?) and wrote on Neo. 400 words, not bad without coffee and with a bad tummy. I am pleased. If I do that on the commute, I can reasonably expect 8-900 words daily just from the drive.

I am very fond of both Neo and Shannon right now.

5 thoughts on “The Grand Experiment”

    1. *sputters and coughs* Every rattling gasp shows me that I have grown that much smarter….

      Yes, they are. I spend so much time fussing with essentially mental things that I don’t spend any time exercising. Although, I will say that with the notable exception of yourself, I am in better shape than anyone my age that I know. Just not in the shape I’d care to be.

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