A Gentile Life Of Letters

I hit 30,000 words over the weekend — in spite of losing an entire day to Sim City by sitting down to it before lunch and looking up at 5:00 — and have set it aside so I can scribble out a roadmap for Scapegoat.

Or ScapeGoat. Or The Scapegoat Gambit. Or even Love’s Scapegoat.

Escapegoat. Something.

Scapegoat. Right.

No plot.

I have a lovely opening scene (any story that starts with an exploding goat has something going for it), and I think I know that the book ends with a siege and magical carnage and true love winning out in a very Gilbert and Sullivan sort of way. And I know that, if PG Wodehouse had written The Black Company, this book would bear it a haunting resemblance.

So. I should make certain there are tangled skeins of romantic thread lying about. And everyone should have a reason to be very angry at the protag, and many of the reasons should be, at best, spurious.


Question for the Brain Trust: Is the common Wodehouse subplot —

A and B love one another
A and B cannot be together because of C (and perhaps D, who supports C and has authority over A)
A and B both blame the protag for C’s actions and D’s pig-headishness, and look to him (the protag) for resolving the crisis
D blames the protag when A and B are together, and C threatens the protag with bodily harm —


Then, of course, Jeeves finds a way (Jeeves always finds a way) so that A and B can be together, C supports it, and the protag has to step lively and get out of town before the blokes with the sacks of feathers get together with the fellows with the tar pot, and come to discuss what’s fashionable in mob apparel. Frequently with an aunt leading the parade and waving a torch.

Right, then. I gauge that, under the current weather condtions, no less than two romances will be needed. Perhaps 2 and a half.

And goats. Lots of goats. Clearly.

EDIT — I have the broad outlines of plot. The world is a brighter place, and I find that I have faith in my ability to traverse this next month’s pass. I just remembered; I know how to write. I can do this.

9 thoughts on “A Gentile Life Of Letters”

  1. When I was in high school, one of my nicknames was Goat. Pertinent information, I know.

    Also, I’m going to do Nanowrimo too. Because, you know, it’s not like I don’t have enough on my plate already.

      1. I do have a username– monkeylibby. I do have some idea of what I’m writing, but Lord knows what the outcome will be. I’ve never really been one for the doesn’t-matter-if-it’s-shit-just-get-it-down-on-paper school of writing, but it’s worth a try.

        1. In fact, the DMIISJGIDOP school of thought seems to be working for me. I normally agonize over every phrase, but I’m finding that I can save that all up for the end and edit in about the same amount of time…but edit a finished document.

          Wonderful change for the better.

  2. Do books have plots? I just read for the enjoyment of likable characters and for mood. No wonder I always hated literature class.

    I didn’t know you had read any of the Black Company series. I love those books, and have most of them.

    Have fun!

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