The inconvenience of working for a living

Morning break: called out to deal with server issues. Returned to a call for help with email; user was off line. Took one more try at break; boss ran in requiring newly formatted print outs, an act which he repeated three times in 15 minutes, as he was unable to communicate his needs even by pointing and grunting. Gave up on break at 11:00

Lunch: Called out for officer of the company who was unable to access email; he was off line. While I was handy (vulnerable) the officer of company asked me to provide him with subcontract (not my job) and to fill out forms for subcontract request (not my job); I provided him with forms and 5 minute instruction in their use. Walking out of parking lot, was called back for server room keys. Keys not returned, which would result in my being locked out of office. Could not leave until 12:25. Approached for Quickbooks issues that needed resolution for 1:00 meeting. Accepted 20 minute lunch and determined to be indolent and useless during the rest of the work day.

I can hardly wait for afternoon break. Grph.