Espresso Love

Today was declared by Shannon to be 25 percent day. This is the day that I was very likely to hit the 1/4 mark on NaNoWriMo. She kicked me out of bed early, telling me that the dogs were asking to be let out and she had just gotten comfortable. I didn’t grumble, merely rose and let out the dogs. I uncovered the bird while I was about it, had a drink of water, looked at the temperature, and went back to bed. Shannon was not asleep. She fidgetted. Finally we decided we needed to get up (I was included in this by not thinking to say no) and we rose. I went to the kitchen to make us tea, and thought I’d wash some of the dishes while I was there. Get them out of the way for breakfast, later. Shannon hovered around, and finally asked me what tea I would like, and shoved me out of the kitchen.

“I don’t want you cleaning first thing today, and being grumpy.” All right. I hung around to be comradely, which is normally a very welcome thing. Not today. Shove, and I was down the hallway.

Fine. I daudled about on the internet for a bit, fed the bird. Finally, my spiral closed enough that I caught sight of the couch. I was unable to sit in my normal seat, because there was a brand new espresso machine there.

The card on the machine read: “Happy quarter-of-the-way-done day! I’m so proud of all that you’ve done to succeed at this! I love you. PS I heard this was something every successful writer needed close at hand.”

I might have mentioned that it would make a good published-author kind of thing.

I married well.

Oh — I did make 25.26%; 12,631 words.

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