Tonight I have:

meeting us for dinner
976 words to go to make 20,000
Sleepiness rising within me
Time in a coffee shop

I look forward to tonight. I am quandried only by the sleepiness – writing – coffeeshop combination. Intuitively, the coffee shop will have the resources I need to overcome the sleepiness, and then the 976 words will be in the bag. However, it seems to me, somehow, that people who complain of lack of sleep should not be caffienating after 6:00 at night.

Perhaps I’m wrong. Probably, coffee will help me sleep. But if that’s true, how will it help me be awake to write? o.0

I know — I’ll have yerba mate, instead. That probably doesn’t have the drawbacks of coffee. O.o

Perhaps I’ll hope that will so spark me that I’ll spontaneously awaken. He has that effect.

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