I made 20,000, and have begun the cross fire of crossed purposes that my protag gets to stand in the midst of. And, without intending to, I have introduced a Wodehousian Aunt, which I find a little bit embarassing. My new goal is 25,000 by Saturday night; 50% done.

Dinner was had with , and coffee afterwards, and it was a happy thing. I found out that blacksmiths get a version of writer’s block (smith’s block? isn’t that an anvil?), and we chatted merrily about nearly everything in the whole world. It was lovely, and we get to do it again next week. 🙂

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  1. Of Smith’s block and bon bons…

    Yes, he certainly has had smith’s block from time to time. Often made worse by terminal smithy clutter. We really need a larger smithy for him!

    By the way, I had a bon bon for you last night, as instructed. And one for Shannon. And one for Michael… And one for Thingmaker… and a few more for a few other people, and for me… damn you!!

    I’m glad you guys finally got together.

    1. Re: Of Smith's block and bon bons…

      We’re glad, too. And we’re humbly proud to enable your bon-bon urges, long distance. 🙂

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