I have 7,500 words left to go. As of last night, I determined that I had, including today, four days to finish.

Which would be a day late. I have 2 days and 9 hours to finish. Got it.

Today Boss came in and announced that no extra duties, social calls, or, in fact, lunch breaks would be had on Thursday, as it is a Bid Day. Generally, I am a frazzled mess at the end of Bid Day.

Which means that I have, essentially, 40 hours to get this done. I can probably manage a thousand words or so of mop-up Thursday night.

I figure I write as much as I can tonight, then break, then do it again. Tomorrow, I take a long lunch. My target is finishing tomorrow night. That gives me 24 hours to have an unforseen emergency.

Like the gastro-intestinal incident that just happened.

*sets teeth and leans forward*

As the poet hath said: chugga chugga chugga…

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