I’m tired of beginning updates and then deleting them.

There has been both sturm and drang, in frivolous abundancy. We are probably depleting the sturm and drang supplies of third world nations by our irresponsible consumption, but there you are; Americans are a callous lot, and I am in essence no better than the rest.

I have contemplated, I have ruminated. I have rationalized and seen things from every perspective. I have considered options and numbered their ways.

Michael has this week to obtain employment. Otherwise he moves out. If he is employed next Monday, that’s nice, but he still moves out. All kinds of things have been tried and offered in support, and that’s all nice but —

— there’s the line. There is no punishment; just consequence.

He and I are fine; we understand one another and get along fine. He is now moving with focused desparation — which is appropriate, and about time.

Now, maybe I can write, blog, and sleep again.

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