The next pay raise

Today the Pres called me in with he and the HR director. I was given my new job description:

Train use of proprietary software
Design, implement, and maintain communications database that will interface with existing software
Design, implement, and maintain marquis closed circuit television onsite
Implement remote webcams at up to ten different locations
Make webcams viewable over webpage for clients
Take over web page administration
Create Crystal reports for existing database(s)
Rework existing webpages, adding interactive features & remote database access via web
Take over administration of the inhouse and cel phone networks
Write the newsletter
And duties as assigned.

The raise they are offering for this: $0


I wriggled and bounced. “This job is going to be FUN,” I announced. “And, you should know, that we are going to need to talk about salary and increases once we figure out the full scope of work you’ve outlined.”

Nonplussed, while technically accurate, would be understating the president’s look.

So, my darlings, what does someone with a job description like that above ask for starting? There are 30 computers to administer, 100 cel phones, the databases are all SQL-friendly, the network is Windows.

3 thoughts on “The next pay raise”

  1. These things are somewhat hard to estimate, but that’s a lot of responsibilities in there. Some DBA stuff, some operations, some developer, some analyst, and even some editorial.

    In your moderately inexpensive area (ie, not the Bay Area, Seattle, New York, or other major city), I’d probably guess someone like that was making $50-$70k. And probably has a nice title like Director of Operations or even Chief Information Officer. If it were for a bigger company, it could easily scale up from there.

    Now, good luck getting that. There’s something to be said for doing this job for a year or so to cement those skills into your resume, and then seeing if you can get a job offer elsewhere. That’s when you have the real bargaining power. I don’t know how much you’d object to moving to Portland or Seattle or something, but if you wouldn’t much, that might be the angle to play.

    1. And, if you can get them to give you the title, even if they don’t give you the money, you can put the title on the resume you start sending around next year.

  2. Norpac would probably pay you 35-40,000 per year. They have way more computers, but more IT people to manage them as well, so like kirbyk said, it’s hard to estimate. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of there IT openings posted. Then again, the two quality control people that came here from the break up of Agripac took very large pay cuts.

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