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Here are my preliminary and incomplete thoughts on the IT position.


Title: IT Administrator

What an IT Administrator does:

End-User Technical Support – 1st level support for technology & software problems.
Computer Resource Management – keep and manage inventory; right equipment and software to right person
Network Management – Within limits, working under Multinet’s direction, per CFO; monthly maintenance, etc.
Voice and Data Communications – Research, implement, and support new phone system & mobile system
Future Technology Planning – maintain 12 and 24 month plan for equipment & software needs
Train – one on one and group classes; instruction as needed; train use of software, phone, and computer systems
Software Development – Crystal report design; estimating templates & assemblies; Java applications for handhelds
Database Management – Maintain estimating db for consistency & production rates; archive management
Opportunity Research – identify, present, and implement IT opportunities and new technologies to maximize productivity & save costs
Media Management – reception slideshow, webcams, reader boards, etc.
Website Design & Management
Data Protection – backups, maintain security, recognize and repair security breaches

Additional duties I believe an IT Administrator will do at Batzer Inc.:

On-call user support after hours
Equipment purchase & setup for off site needs

Equipment needs:

Additional standard monitor, keyboard, & mouse
Locking file cabinet for software & license information
Small tool kit; screwdrivers, small pliers, utility light, punch down tool, etc.
Software packages as required for implementing duties – none as yet
Laptop with wireless card (only if expected to provide support off site)
Cell phone (only if expected to provide support after hours)

Training wish list:

Microsoft classes (MS Office Specialist, MS Certified Systems Administration, MS Certified Trainer, etc.)
Crystal Reports Design (advanced)

What I would like:

Competitive wages for my new position in addition to any merit raise for the last year
Job title of IT Administrator
An office I have occasion to access personal & confidential information in the course of my duties; I perform design work that is best in a quiet environment rather than a thoroughfare; ongoing projects will not always be able to be removed from my area to be secured while I am out; incoming trouble calls will frequently present an unprofessional tone on speaker phone

Any input is welcome; I have not yet sent the email.
EDIT: The email is sent. And the reason it reads all choppy is that it’s a bullet list using boldface for leaders, which I was too lazy to format.

2 thoughts on “More work crap”

  1. Go you! Laying out facts is a good way to do things.

    I am slightly confused by the last paragraph – I’m thinking maybe I’m misreading the bullet-points and it will look fine when you send it.

    Crits? Well, before sending it I would start with some positive stuff and flesh out the wording a little, explain what you’re doing (in the letter), etc., and also end on a positive note. Apparently the British Navy call this “a shit sandwich” – go figure, it’s one of the few things I came away with from a relationship with a sailor…

    Er, yeah – go you, hope it works!

    Love always,

    Fay x

  2. I give you big monster hug for all the shit you have had to put up with the last two weeks. If not for people like you the world would not turn, Remember Icecream because motorcycles don’t have doors.

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