Changing Changeling

[Written on the fly while watching the first concert ever by James Alexander Adams, the heir to the Heatherlands. I’ll tidy up the multiple formatting and spelling errors later in the week. Let’s hope I can type in English while watching a concert.]I’ve a friend. In a way, I’ve two. One I can’t see much anymore; she’s gone, but I hold her in high esteem and enjoy the time I’ve had with her. The other Couldn’t be around us while she and I were friends, because he didn’t exist.

She turned into he. Right. You get this.

I’ve no problem with any of this; she…he…they…he. He seems very happy. Okay, I have one problem, that being what pronoun to use.

And the fact that he has a mullet. Eeww.

So, no problems. He has no problems. Except.

Her job was a stage performer. It was her life, substantially. He wants it to be his, as well; it’s been too much a part of her for him to give it up, if you understand me. I keep referring to them as two different people because he does; he is the proclaimed heir to the body of work she developed, and speaks of her as a different person. That’s a problem for his therapist.

But here is the problem, at last. He hasn’t been public with this set of changes. No surprise, really; the general public isn’t going to be terribly accepting of this sort of a choice, I would think. But she was a very identifiable performer; you wouldn’t mistake her for anyone else, ever. If he plays the same sort of music, the same sort of venues, the same ways, then there is no way he won’t be connected to she.

Right now, I’m watching him tune up for the first show. Oh, God, he sounds like her with a deeper voice. I understand that he is supposed to “come out” today. I hope so.

He’s going on about perfect love, perfect trust, and magic. “Things were change, changed forever, in ways they will never be the same again.

“One of things that happened…some of you may be concerned, because ‘who is this heir to the Heatherlands?’ She and I have been friends for a very, veryveryvery long tie. She loved all of you, loved all of you very much. It’s been toching to see all of you love her as much as I have always loved her. She sends you all her love for this magic that we can make together.

“We can be part of the magic together, or be parted by it. […] I was to wait a year and a day, but I couldn’t wait. I stand before you, unfinished, eager in my young boyishness, Alexander James Adams”

Much clapping.

One assumes that he feels he has said something clearly. He has, if you already know what it is.

We are sitting off on the side, so we can watch the crowd. One, two, a dozen…a significant fraction of the full room knows about the transformation. Did he spend the last few months contacting them one at a time, so that so many would know and feel too uncomfortable to be anything but understanding? Could be. Part of what makes her a good performer is that she plays people as well as intruments. He plays. Sorry.

He has been passing out knighthoods. The third one he asked, as of all of them, “Do you swear fealty…blah blah?”

He answered, “I do, Ma’am.”

Stunned silence immediately overwhelmed by laugher. I think a working majority of the room knows what has happened. There is no coming out. There is only an official acknowledgement of the rumors she/he spread himself.

Not bad. Probably the best way to approach this whole thing…and it’s sneaky, so I like it.


Metaphorically speaking. At the end of the concert he opened the floor to questions.

Is there any chance Heather will ever perform again?
It was strong magic wrought, and some magic cannot be undone.

Heather & Alec will be doing a duet on 2007 Yule album

Uffington Horse? Tricky Pixie?
We’ll (UH) try to get back together when we can. They still want to get together with me, although they’re cross they have to learn in a new key.

Will you autograph Heather CD’s?
I have been endowed with magic to duplicate her signature.

Have you ever thought about counselling others in your position…coming from the fae? Ahem.
Yes, and I’ve been honored. I was uncertain what reception I would get, but based on what I’ve seen here, I am excited to try other conventions and speak anywhere.

What do you prefer to go by?
Alec is my choice.

A lady stood without a question: “I think I speak for all of Heather’s real friends and fans. You are always welcome.”
Choked voice: Thank you.

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