The Hilton

We have arrived there.

Whazzat? Why are we at the Hilton?

Norwescon is this weekend. Shannon & I are enjoying the festivities with the company of Thingmaker and Dr. Dorothy, with the express intention of being present for Alec’s, uhm, public relations splash. Which I will, undoubtedly, go into at a later time.

I have no doubt that all of you will think that I am making it up, when I do go into it. Life is like that sometimes.

Last night, just before we left home, we were visited by the Ex. This was more than compensated for by her date, Malachi, the First Grandkid. We had a nice little visit, then shot out the door into the 400 miles of darkness between home and here. I’m good with the distance; I was more than ready to run away from home for a while.

I’ll go into that later, too. But first, sleep would be a good thing.

Littlelibby: I shall text you later today with schedules and things, when I know them.

7 thoughts on “The Hilton”

    1. *snicker* All right, then. She came to visit. There was no eye contact from my end and very little response, just enough to be not-overtly-rude, but so little there could be no mistaking my not taking part in relating to her.

      But I had a nice time with Malachi. Very mellow baby.

      1. That I can believe. Admittedly, it weirds me out, because in my mind she is firmly a part of The Deep South and being able to detach herself and travel that far tugs at the steel girders that found my worldview.

  1. Cool!

    I’m moderately busy this weekend, but SeaTac is not very far from my home in beautiful Renton, so if it works out it’d be awesome to get to say hi. I don’t expect there’s more than a 5% chance of this, but still, it’s 0% if I don’t mention it. 🙂

    My cell is 425-246-2213.

    What nice weather we’re having in your honor.

    1. In fact, the weather is dandy, and we appreciate all the trouble you went to, having it imported for us.

      Your cell is entered into storage and will be texted sometime today, when we know whatthehell is going on.

    1. Keep looking forward to cookies. All of the needful ingredients were procured but one — time to make the cookies. I’ve your (old) address; you will have a care package.

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