Neil Gaiman’s Immortality

All sorts of ill has befallen our household. Wreckage from the evolution of maturing lives is cluttering the landscape, and all of our growing pains are full upon us. We will not perish of our ills. There is a light that indicates the coming of a new day, but we are yet in the cold and dark and curse the shadows that mock us.

However. The percussive force of a rapidly decompressing cat will have us washing blood and fur from the paneling for weeks.

I have a complete manuscript. It is in revision.


I fully intended to call several of you with this happy news, but I am, frankly, too fucking tired. And there is champagne. So I owe you.

I go now, to challenge the wine to a contest of effervescence. Bet I win.

9 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman’s Immortality”

  1. Hey, great work.

    Let me know if you still plan on coming to WW.

    I can’t afford to go this year, but I could be convinced to make an appearance if there’s actually someone there to visit.

  2. I’m going to be in Central Point, OR this coming Saturday, shuffling horses. Think we can find that Shari’s again?

  3. Congratulations, that’s an excellent start.

    Now that you’ve proven you can write one, you can write another! And revise this one! And solicit it to many rejections, and just maybe sell it!

    You’re already farther along than most people get – this is perhaps the first meaningful milestone towards being a professional writer.

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