Timely quote

I have spent the morning creating procedures documents for the myriad tiny-but-vital tasks I perform, that others may perform them in my absence. Or at least know the task existed behind the scenes at one time. I recommended to one of the management that we don’t ask for the higher management’s input on who would be taking over certain vital duties, but simply pass them to the correct individual for the job. What they don’t know, I put forth, they couldn’t screw up.

Moments later, my Jeeves alarm clock (which reminds me of break time) gently cleared its throat and said in cultured tones: “Oh, dear…come come, sir, let us not be defeated. Let us seize the day and take it boldly from behind, as the Colonel used to say … in his unfortunate way.”

Right ho, Jeeves. Spot on, as usual.

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