The world always begins with a bang

–no matter how many times it begins.

Here I am, back. I have moved, I live in a lovely apartment in Hillsboro, two blocks from seven coffee shops, I have a job that I hope to keep for decades (Kirby, you were SO right), and all is well while getting even weller.

Tonight, sitting quietly with my sweetie, I poked online and saw the email from Chris Baty. Shannon looked at me and, smiling, asked what I was going to write.

And I calmly told her. I’ve an outline for a novel I’ve been working out for two months, that I’ve known I was about to start first-drafting. I’ll use that, and draft it in November.

I am writing NaNoWriMo again. I am clearly insane.


So. Missed you all, really, really missed blathering here. So glad to be back.

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