The world always begins with a bang

–no matter how many times it begins.

Here I am, back. I have moved, I live in a lovely apartment in Hillsboro, two blocks from seven coffee shops, I have a job that I hope to keep for decades (Kirby, you were SO right), and all is well while getting even weller.

Tonight, sitting quietly with my sweetie, I poked online and saw the email from Chris Baty. Shannon looked at me and, smiling, asked what I was going to write.

And I calmly told her. I’ve an outline for a novel I’ve been working out for two months, that I’ve known I was about to start first-drafting. I’ll use that, and draft it in November.

I am writing NaNoWriMo again. I am clearly insane.


So. Missed you all, really, really missed blathering here. So glad to be back.

10 thoughts on “The world always begins with a bang”

    1. Re: Welcome back!

      Awww. Glad your health is improved.

      You do realize that you already began your rite of passage by deciding to go North, go to school, go away from what you have been and done? Deciding to stay the winter is merely a part of what you had already begun.

    1. {HUG}ed! and {HUG}ging back!

      Me, too, on all fronts. Good to have you employed again. *scurries off to catch up on LJ from UK*

    1. As long as I don’t let you say why, I can be flattered beyond what I thought of as my capacity for being flattered.

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