I’ve no idea what I’m about to say

And isn’t that just generally the feel you all get from me, in any case? I like to think that I spend a major fraction of my life waiting in excitement and dread for what my mouth might inflict on an unsuspecting universe.

My next novel-first-draft is working-titled “Zombie Love”. Think of it as a romance with elements of the paranormal. And voodoo. I’ve all the characters sketched out nicely, I understand all of the major features in the landscape of the plot, have nicely groomed it to fit the first five steps of the Hero’s Journey (go to Wikipedia and look up Monomyth; I’m too lazy to link tonight.), and have outlined the first quarter of the book in significant detail, like, down to scene and dialog level. It turns out that I have another character sketch to do; a sauce pan is a major character.

Nanowrimo is nigh upon us. I think Zombie Love must have been destined for November. I seem to be ready to write it just as November is ready to be here.

*sips beer*

… …

I think I’ll wear my pirate shirt and thigh-high boots to work on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “I’ve no idea what I’m about to say”

  1. I think I’ve filled my “well” word quota…

    Is there a character in there at least loosely based on me? Well, IS THERE??!! :p Well, as long as there’s a sauce pan in your novel then I’m sure to love it.

    And I’m also too lazy to head over to Wikipedia and look up Monomyth… so I’ll just use my imagination. Now DAMN YOU for sipping beer in front of me! Well, virtually anyways…

    1. Re: I think I've filled my "well" word quota…

      I am considering you for the role of the voodoo priestess…but may have to call that a “no”, since you obviously get bitten by the snakes you play with.


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