Outlines of Something Sinister

Actually, it’s and outline of Zombie Love.

Today shortly after noon I finished sketching out (one simple sentence per scene, if you’ll recall) the entire book, scene by scene. By 4:30 I had 4,200 words of detailed outline of scenes. I anticipate about a 10,000 word outline when I’m done, nothing but high points of dialog and stage directions. I found two more glaring lacks in plot while I was sketching, and one more while outlining.

This…appears to be a good way to remove the ugly bumps in the road before I have to drive over them. Wow.


Today Shannon & I spent with Dorothy (again) at the Saturday market, where Dorothy has a booth. I wandered in and out, spending much time sitting various places and typing on Neo. Lovely day, and Dorothy fed us pasta (mmmmmm) as a thank you. Yay Dorothy!

I had more to say, largely pointless nothings about an octogenarian with a brilliant red and blue Mohawk and so forth, but I’m sleepy. Night night.

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