Pshaw. Easy stuff. I’m at 2,862, and nearly 2,000 of those took place today. I spent part of yesterday finishing the outline that Lisa, on whom should be untold blessings and told ones, as well, suggested strongly that I write, and which I wrote along the lines of the Monomyth which Lisa, upon whom etc, suggested I fiddle with.

2k was a joke. I wrote for 20 minutes this morning, 35 at lunch, twenty minutes on the way home…I assumed I was making decent way. If I wasn’t tired, if I wasn’t writing in tiny chunks of time — who knows how far I’d go? I’ll find out in the next few days.

Writing with an outline filled with dialog highpoints and stage directions is SO EASY. I think, if I get some sleep and some time, I could actually be writing at CatiespeedTM, which is simply ridiculous.

2862 / 50000 words. 6% done!

CatiespeedTM metric for 11/2/2007: 1,900 words/day

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