Here I is

At Radcon, spending half an hour typing out fiction in the coffee shop.

Hardly worth a post, but it’s good to blaze one’s trail against future need, so here it is.

3 thoughts on “Here I is”

  1. Wall o’ Booze???

    Hope you’re helping take it down, in the spirit of Berlin 1989. Me thinks you were in need of a good bender and some costumed alien drinking partners.

    You might want to tell your RadCon friends that they made it nearly freakin’ impossible to figure out WHERE this confab was. Not a mention of the town on the home page. I finally found it buried at the bottom of the hotel page, but only in connection with the phone number. Seems to me in should be top center of each and every page in the header.

    Anyway, home everyone who wanted to attend managed to do so. And hope you and the redhead had some productive fun.

    And glad to see you spent at least a little time writing. Good writer. Cookie.

    1. Re: Wall o’ Booze???

      Well, duh, that was supposed to be “hope,” not home.

      And it might’ve helped if I signed my name.


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