Less Ennuic

If, in fact, that can be made a descriptive. If it can, then I suppose that what I ought to entitle this is “unennuic”, but there’s opacity and then there’s just general obstructionisticism.

Ahem. Beg your pardon; my suffixes got all out of control there.

I was utterly right about what was wrong with my plot. It turns out that, stripped to bare bones, the major plot points seem to come from four different books. All fine books, but different ones with different goals. So. Good. Build a skeleton, then I can flesh it out.


2 thoughts on “Less Ennuic”

  1. Ennuic is fine, though I had to teach Firefox that it was a real word. If not for people like you we would all have to go around using the same old set of words.

    Your description of your plot sounds like my life but I’m not interested in straightening it out.

    Have fun!

    1. That is, in fact, the goal. I’m working on that as hard as I am on the writing itself.

      Not much point to the task if I’m not having fun….

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