Schmott stuff

I considered walking from the Max stop to work; it’s just a dozen blocks, and snow was falling sort of slant-wise, and I like walking in snow. But…I’d have to cross the Hawthorne bridge, and the slant-wiseness of the snow told me that there would be wind, and my hat would very likely be blown off. “Mebbe,” I muttered to myself, “mebbe blown off into de treffik, mebbe into de river. Und eny plen vere hyu lose your het is a bed plen.” So I took the bus, instead.

I love the inside of my head. Jägermonsters live there.

In other news, I am so utterly pleased with how easy, organized, and modular my plotting has been that I just spent money buying Flying Logic Pro Version, at the very generous discount available to anyone, good until the 20th. You should buy a copy, too!

…I don’t know that I’ve ever been this enthusiastic over a commodity that wasn’t a book.

2 thoughts on “Schmott stuff”

  1. Vas dot vun of dose plans vhere hyu don’t keel anyvun, den? No dirigibles in flamez? Pfeh!

    Sometimes you need to let the Jägermonsters come out to play! heh, heh, heh.

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