Bathroom Magic

Last night I smuggled two twenty-something women into the men’s room of a bar. I don’t know that they were awe-stricken, but they were impressed with what I had to show them, at least to a degree.

I took them to the men’s room twice. The second time with another man present.

7 thoughts on “Bathroom Magic”

  1. You tease!

    Knowing you, the implied object of their awe could be the obvious one…

    but more than likely it isn’t.

    My curiosity has overruled my common sense, and I have to know!

    What did you take them in there to view?

    1. Re: You tease!

      *rolls eyes and reaches for his tact*

      I promised one young lady that I would show her, uhm, plumbing. Apparently it was an attractive offer, and her friend came along for the ride.

      So to speak.

      The second time they led the way. Apparently an impression was made.

  2. It pains me to do it; it goes against all that is part of me of which I am proud.

    I shall speak plain truth.

    Er. How does one go about starting that?

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