Two Laps, No Waiting

Gogo is my laptop.

That is, in theory, he has been my laptop. In practice, he is our laptop, which is a wholly different thing. Frequently, Shannon uses him. While, at any time, I am free to say “I feel I should write”, or even “I want to knob about on line” and Shannon will cheerfully give him up to me, I am not good at this. “This” being saying that I want something in direct conflict with someone else who wants something else.

Not a Shannon problem. A Scott problem. “Grow up” is the advice I’ve got for me, but it’s a slow job to finish, and frequently it becomes the excuse reason that I don’t get much done, email answered, lj posted. Then I dislike me for not doing what I want to do, and for wanting something that is against my duty, that duty being the self sacrifice of every thing I can think of for no good purpose when it isn’t needed.

Ah. I was saying something.

Oh, right.

Today, we procured another laptop. Shannon has hers, and is having a very nice time with it.

And I. I have mine. Mine.

Unfortunately, I seem to have mislaid my excuse to not write. Now what will I do?

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