I am dot-commed

I have purchased RScottShanksJr.com. I am going to give myself rewards relating to it; write and post a basic web-page placeholder, write and work on my Hero’s Rosary webpage, write and … you get it.

Professional (in progress) authors have web pages, after all, and I’m the sort of author who has things out for submission and stuff. Better get a web page up so people can go gawk at the sorts of things professional authors put on the web.

8 thoughts on “I am dot-commed”

    1. About, as you note, time.

      We are planning a trip to S. Or. sometime in the next weeks, but haven’t gotten it nailed to an actual time-span as yet. When we do, I’ll alert you, as a Coyote is a very nice thing to be around.

    1. *cringes at the pun*

      I am NOT committed. If I am committed, then I’ll start to view it as duty instead of joy, and then I’ll spiral back into paths that I’ve trod enough already. Much better to enjoy what I do, and do it when I enjoy it.

      …which is not to say that I won’t work on things when I’m tired or unmoved. Just that I won’t treat it as a duty to anyone but me. The teeming millions may reap the benefits, but that is simply a by-product, a largesse that I grant the world in order to deepen my own enjoyment.

      You are all so fortunate.

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