Yesterday my darling spouse and I went to the Japanese Garden, smelled the last of the wisteria, looked at growing things and flowing water, and then popped over to the zoo for a walk among the animatronic dinosaurs. A very nice time was had.

Today, by darling spouse took me to a coffee shop, where she parked me at a table on the patio, set up her spinning wheel and spun while I let the words out of the One True Pen (Mark III). 500 words flowed nicely onto paper, with little of the self-editing that I’ve been doing lately. Coffee was drunk. Sitting between water features and sipping took place. All things were perfect in this, the most perfect of worlds.

I called my email provider and discovered that, by adding web hosting and taking away services we aren’t using, I get more server for less money and a place to park my website.

AND, there is still time to type up what I wrote today. I am, by my reckoning, very likely to have a second short story to go out for consideration before the first one is accepted or rejected. This is having an amazing effect on my morale; having something out there looking for a home seems to make it easier for me to work on things in progress. We’ll see if I can remember that when I am next blocked up inside.

Lovely weekend, and it isn’t over yet….

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