Yesterday my darling spouse and I went to the Japanese Garden, smelled the last of the wisteria, looked at growing things and flowing water, and then popped over to the zoo for a walk among the animatronic dinosaurs. A very nice time was had.

Today, by darling spouse took me to a coffee shop, where she parked me at a table on the patio, set up her spinning wheel and spun while I let the words out of the One True Pen (Mark III). 500 words flowed nicely onto paper, with little of the self-editing that I’ve been doing lately. Coffee was drunk. Sitting between water features and sipping took place. All things were perfect in this, the most perfect of worlds.

I called my email provider and discovered that, by adding web hosting and taking away services we aren’t using, I get more server for less money and a place to park my website.

AND, there is still time to type up what I wrote today. I am, by my reckoning, very likely to have a second short story to go out for consideration before the first one is accepted or rejected. This is having an amazing effect on my morale; having something out there looking for a home seems to make it easier for me to work on things in progress. We’ll see if I can remember that when I am next blocked up inside.

Lovely weekend, and it isn’t over yet….

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    This is The Secret of professional writing. Unfortunately, it’s something that cannot be explained, but which, once experienced, is so obvious you smack your forehead.


    1. In fact, while I still don’t fully understand it, I have prepared a palm-sized area on my forehead for future use.

  2. I certainly hope the animatronic dinosaurs you saw at the zoo are not the same that Libby and I had the misfortune to witness at OMSI while on our visit.

    1. Certainly not. These were actually quite nice; the eyes moved in just the way that lizard eyes move, the skeletons were nicely articulated…the T. Rex was HUGINORMOUS and had the subwoofer from hell to channel his greetings. Good stuff.

        1. *tsk* Come down again before September (in your ample free time before Travelling Abroad) and we’ll spring for the zoo.

          And, to be fair, OMSI is sort of intended for school kid level wow-factor. It does that pretty well.

          1. While that is a considerable distance to cover for a zoo, I’ve been known to do sillier things. *ponders*

            Fine, great for the kiddies but why must they forsake the parents/older folks? I’ve been to so-called children’s museums with more cross-generational appeal. I demand to be pandered to!

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