I’ve taken a day off.  There is no occasion.  No one required me to go to the DMV, nor to move things, or save the world from creeping socialism or galloping capitalism or stationary halitosis.

I am, in point of fact, taking this day off because I can and I feel like it and I’ve been getting all duty-struck again, and want to stop.  

So today I slept an extra 90 minutes (rising with Shannon) and had a cup of tea, poked about, and had a brief nap on the couch.  Then I took me to Ava Roasteria, where I plan to spend some fair amount of time — hours — writing and sipping drinks and listening to falling water and having a nice day.

Nobody needs anything from me right now.  There are no duties I can perform right now.  I’m going to go tap some words out and see if it’s true that intuition happens during work.

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