Reminding myself

  • Exploding Cats are not writing.  They are an occasional perk of writing regularly.
  • I chose to write to The First Line prompt not with the intention of performing a writing miracle during the middle of the work week, but with the intention of continuing forward motion.  If I miss deadline but finish a story, it will sell elsewhere (after their issue comes out).
  • I am not going to perform heroics, bludgeoning my way through midweek brain death on sheer will.
  • The point of this was to break those habits of thought.

*reads all that*

Yup.  That’s all true.  Good.

I’ve two hundred words.  I will not say things like ‘paltry sum’.  I will instead go add to them.

Good boy.

Edit:  More words.  Good boy.  I get ice cream.

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