Master of the Obvious

Step #8 of keeping my writing flowing required me to vacuum and call Jackson County Circuit Court.

I’ve known that distractions are … well, distracting, and that the gradual torture of being nibbled to death by ducks  can keep me from doing what I want to do, living how I want to live.  And I still manage to forget this on a regular basis.

Currently, I have overdue projects at work (not my fault, but still my responsiblity), papers to file with the court to make certain we don’t lose a third of my income, a snake rack to finish building without the most basic tool needed — a workspace — and the usual little duties that go into living.  I have been unable to get a firm grip on all of those things.  I have not been sleeping well, or enough.  I have, in fact, been degrading into an utter mess.

Saturday, Shannon declared that, while I was writing letters to the court, she would vacuum and clear the table of mail-drifts.  A magic thing transpired; with each broad sweep of the vacuum, clean carpet appeared and my mood (very slightly) lifted.  The floor was clean; all things were possible.

That’s a lot of weight that was on that floor.

Uplifted, I wrote letters.  Letters written, I helped reclaim table and more floor.  Reclamation complete … you get the idea.  Each quanta gave slightly firmer footing to reach for the next quanta, and more feeling of having done something to keep my life and my choices mine.

I still have not written (there are more things that Need Doing), but I’m getting there.

S’okay, kids, learn from me:  When event-maelstrom whirls about you, do one thing, however petty, to commit order against life’s vortices.

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  1. It’s amazing what cleaning house and having a clean house can do to your mood and productivity. 🙂 You will get there, and one day you will have everything in life in a nice neat row where everything gets done on time and nothing is ever rushed… however don’t expect it to be soon, all those things, the little rushes, the little messes and the shit life throws at us, it’s what keep us alive and gives us vitality to do what needs to be done.

    Two years ago, My husband and I lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment. We had just gotten married and had integrated two people’s stuff into this poor over-packed apartment. Mess was normal, in fact at some points the place got to the point that I am surprised we weren’t evicted. It was disgusting.

    Last year we moved into the condo. We tossed most of the old furniture and went through A LOT of our possessions. we threw away loads of things, and moved into a bigger place. the result was that of order and cleanliness. At first I didn’t notice anything, I was going through life, busy doing what needed to be done, then a couple of weeks ago we cleared out the storage unit… the house became a mess… and I became a bitch. It wasn’t voluntary, my mind was in disarray, and my nice clean home was a disaster. I didn’t know where to start. After a week the place was clean, spotless actually, I reveled in cleaning every spot imaginable… (except for the window in the office which apparently a beetle found every cobweb).

    My mind was once again in order and all bitch went away. 🙂
    Sometimes to make order of one thing in life we must make order of the other things that distract us first 🙂

    Good luck on your writing. 🙂

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