26 thoughts on “Ohmigodohmigodohmigodohmigodohmi—”

    1. I R!

      In fact, this thought threw me into another semi-paralytic chant last night; “I’m a professional author. I’m a professional author. I am ….”

    1. Well said. That was just what I said. I turned to Shannon, opened my face, and plaintively quoth: “!!!”

      Then I sort of frantically motioned for her to come read the email, because speaking anything besides “!!!” was sort of beyond me.

    1. Re: oh, oh, oh!

      {is flailed and hugged}

      You’re next! We shall, some small number of years hence, be on the same panel at some convention or another.

  1. Pseudopod! What a great Score! I’m thrilled for you. 😀
    I just got a PFO from Neo-Opsis that took… 411 days to arrive. :head desk:
    so I’m thrilled to know that there is still hope. (after all the 2nd best thing is having a friend get published!!!!)

    do let us know when it comes out. I can’t wait to read it!

      1. Mostly…lol I forgot about it. I use Duotrope to track these things – great site if you don’t already use it.

        At first I’m always eager about these things. I check the average date etc. But after a month or so I find my edge wears dull and I’m no longer anxious.

        I suspect this story will be a hard sell – too literary, not fantastical enough, hard to fit into a category. Too fantastic for the literature people. Big Sigh. Your news actually encouraged me. 😀

        now i really cannot wait to see what you’ve written 😀
        oh boyohboy! 😀

        1. I suspect this story will be a hard sell […] hard to fit into a category.

          Exactly the problem I had selling this story. I was beginning to think it would never find a home.

          I use Sonar for tracking, but I may play with Duotrope a bit, just for the portability of it.

  2. You once said that Writer’s Weekend gave you the incentive to start writing again. Your news is the reason we did it for all those years. It warms my heart! And yes, I’m doing the dance of happiness for you!

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