Where do you lay your refrigerator box?

From a letter passing through the office today:

Portland Patrol, Inc. has been hired on a temporary basis for a pilot project aimed at reducing trespass camping and other crime in the inner southeast area.

Wow.  I … is camping on public land a crime?  If it is, then where are the homeless supposed to present themselves for internment to keep from becoming criminals?

I don’t know that I like the squatters’ camps with the piles of garbage they accumulate, but I’m pretty certain that a plurality of their denizens are pretty barren for other options.

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3 thoughts on “Where do you lay your refrigerator box?”

  1. Where I live it has been “illegal” to be homeless for many years. Not even sleeping in cars is legal, unless of course you were driving and pulled over to take a nap, but living in your car – illegal.

    I don’t know what really happens to the homeless here, but I have heard they get “bussed elsewhere”

      1. You have to figure, where we live there is an overabundance of people. I am sure the homeless here are likely bussed to shelters somewhere, I have never really looked into it. While it is rather disturbing, I am pretty sure it also cuts down on a lot of problems here. We still have the random homeless guy walking the streets, but we aren’t accosted by them for change or food.

        My brother was on the narcotics unit in downtown LA, and he commented once on how almost all the homeless up there carry drugs on them , if they get caught they get a free place to sleep with food. I never thought to question where they picked up the drugs, but its a depressing thought, reguardless.

        It’s a catch 22. The government can’t PREVENT people from being homeless, while there are some who are willing to clean up, and work at getting back into the swing of things, there are some that are either too far gone in that world or just don’t care anymore. Having homeless causes a place to be an undesirable location. it is unwanted everywhere, so really what can they do?

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