I am in awe.

To move forward in correcting and overcoming our various financial issues, we need to know the account information.  The original account information has been sold to another agency, and now has new account information.  We were not informed of the transaction and don’t know who owns the debt, now.

To find out who owns the debt, we need a credit report, which will show who is owed what.

To order a credit report they need to confirm I am who I say I am.

To confirm who I am, they require me to give the account number — you guessed it — for one of the debts that is being held by an unknown agency.

That’s beautiful, in its way.

I believe there is another way to do this — there are always alternative ways to do things — but for the moment I think it best if I sit quietly with a cup of tea and not think of the wasted hour I’ve spent.

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7 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. I feel for you. That is the pinnacle of idiocy that I’ve come to expect from those sorts of people. Best to laugh at the situation as you are, otherwise you may end up in an ever increasing spiral of frustration and fury.

    If you have a credit union you may be able to get a copy of your credit report for free. Otherwise, you can pay for one from one of the big three, Trans Union, Equifax, or, ahhh… *mumble-mumble*. There are also places on the web that will do it for “free,” but I have no experience with them nor do I trust them.

    1. I feel for me, too. But this isn’t anything but tedious; there is always a way to do what one needs to do, even when it is amazingly drawn-out and painful. I am fairly astonishing at finding those ways, largely because I’m not terribly good at knowing when I’m beaten.

    2. In theory, once a year the federal law allows a US citizen to get a free credit report. I’m unclear on details since I haven’t actually taken advantage of this.

  2. Just pay anybody who claims that you owe them money as much as they claim you owe.

    Like the pointy haired boss said, “Exercise is good for you.”

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