11 thoughts on “Second Acceptance”

    1. You! You are an entirely wonderful person! We checked mail (it happens sometimes), and there was you envelope (which I am thinking of framing) and Dresden and Deadly Spell — ! The only thing better to find in one’s mailbox is an acceptance letter. We stayed up far, far too late last night.

      It was a Good Thing. Thank you! (…how many days until November?)

      1. Not long now, little Smurfs!
        (So will you also be Novel Writing this month? We can hole up in my room in between gaming sessions and curse the muses for deserting us in our hour (hours?) of need.)

    1. Thank you! And — two — TWO acceptances in a MONTH.

      It isn’t supposed to work like that. I’m okay with it, though. 🙂

      I have GOT to get more work out there.

      1. yeah it isn’t supposed to BUT Damn good when it does!! you must be walking on a cloud!

        I’m like you, “i gotta get more work out there..”
        but I’ve got a crapload of work to edit – which is my bane. BANE! but i have some stories I should send out again. I do though get discouraged. sigh.

        you should be very proud. 😀

        1. I am, in fact, very proud.

          I have found that when I send it out to Publisher A, if I immediately figure out who Publisher B will be and write the submission letter at that time, it is easier to handle sending it out again. Otherwise, I sort of curl up in a ball o’ despair and stare morosely at the world from under the Burden of my Unappreciated Genius.

          So, if nothing else, it keeps me from losing my dignity like that; it isn’t possible to say “I’m moping because the world doesn’t appreciate my genius” without feeling like an ass. Circumventing that is good. 🙂

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