State of the Writer

Ambercon was this weekend, which warrants its own post.  Ambercon eats wordcounts.  However, I am sufficiently recovered that yesterday I wrote a few hundred words, this morning I wrote a few hundred words … I’ll write a few hundred more at lunch, and again on the way home.  Progress is happening.

Surprisingly, I didn’t seem to feel a need to self-flagellate over not having written for three days.  Just recognized that I had enough brain power to stay awake on the commute and pulled out Jarvis.  I keep omitting drama that I used to have regularly.  You’d think I’d be used to having cut it out, but it still surprises me.

My synopsis sprung the tiniest of leaks this morning; my protag glared at me from the middle of a drunken conversation with the Victim of the story and asked me sharply just what the hell I thought I was about; wouldn’t it be better to just get on with things.  

“I mean.  I mean … listen, I’m not sht … not stupid.  [This thing] just happened, and [that thing] has been happening, so … and I’ve got more’n two brain sh-cells to rub together.  I think I should [undertake next action scheduled for three chapters later].”  I was lacking in convincing arguments, so let him go.  

Which was an odd conversation.  I’m  a little bit sorry that it will necessarily have to be omitted from the final draft.  

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2 thoughts on “State of the Writer”

  1. being told what’s what by a fictional character? oh, you are too cute. 😉

    i’m not doing the nanowrimo. i know in the back of my head that it could help get me started on the book i want to write, but… argh. i’m honestly a bit envious of you and other people who can sit for some time everyday or so and write something. i’ve tried it and i simply can’t work that way. i’m not really a procrastinator, but i thrive on deadlines and such. anything that i have written, i inked out a few days before it was “due”. and it was a hundred times better than anything i wrote up over time because i get side tracked and off “course”. when i do it all at once, the words come so quickly my hand can’t keep up. and when i read what i’ve written, i honestly have no idea where it all came from.

    perhaps i should set an imaginary “deadline” for myself. heh, but that probably wouldn’t work because i would know it was imaginary. 😉

    1. “Imaginery deadline” — hah! Why do you think I publicize my participation here? I fail to meet that deadline, there is mortification before the eyes of my peers.

      Worse, I’ll reread what I wrote here someday and be horrified at my slack ways. I’d much rather be proud of me, so to make sure that future-me has cause for pride to swell his breast, present-me tries to do better on a daily basis than past-me has.

      I will, however, note that I’m pretty proud of past-me. He’s done some pretty good stuff.

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