Fast Draft Day 2

6:17 — Home waiting for pants to dry 10 minutes

1:03 — Lobby @ work 22 minutes

8:45 — Home 60 minutes

So, another 92 minutes on the WIP.  Go, me!

I had to stand on the Max this morning, so no writing then.  I had to stand on the Max tonight, and then it got stalled out in the tunnel for 45 minutes.  No writing then, either.  I wrote tonight mostly out of a petty determination that, on the second day of this, the world was damned well not going to get in my way.

Actually, tonight was going to be 15 minutes, just for the gesture.  But at the 15 minute mark, I was at 38,782 words.  How could I stop that close to 39,000 words?  What was that, anyway — another five minutes?  So I went, but the scene was dialog that was forming as I wrote it, and I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt.  When I stopped I was at 39,744 words.

How could I possibly stop, less than 300 words from 40k?

Shannon and I call this The Catie Wordcount Syndrome, and it is evil.  Evil!

I can’t think whether I should write a thank you or a blaming letter to Catie.  Must think on this.

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