Rhythmically Squeezing My Balls

I’ve knocked out nearly 20,000 words in less than two weeks.  I am pleased.  Addtionally, I’ve put about 3,000 of journal posts.  Not bad for a two week stint.  I appear to have broken free the part of my brain that is happy to just sit and yammer, and that assumes that, if I say enough things, I’ll say something worth saying.   Well and, as the poet has said, good.

I’ve also broken free some part of me that is now aching in my hands and wrists.  

Until now the only repetitive stress injury I’ve had was a blister.  This sort of sucks.  It’s not debilitating, and I won’t let it be, but it’s an irritant.  Now I don’t just sit down and type, nor do I stop at having done so, leaping up and proudly announcing that today, again, I am a writer.

No, now I warm up.  Now I stretch out and cool down.  My theory is that, essentially, RSS is an athelete’s pain, and I’m treating it that way.  Warm up the muscles, get the blood flowing and the knots all limbered, use them, then gently bring them back down.  In between times, a bit of strength training to make it harder to get hurt again.

I’m still waiting for the endorphin rush.  Maybe this week.

So now I carry Jarvis around everywhere and carry a rubber ball, as well.  Gentle compressions on the thing beforehand constitute a warm up, and likewise a cool down.  I add some variety and use the supporting muscle groups by manipulating the ball as well as squeezing it.  

What else could that title be intending?  Jeez, you people are odd. 

Okay.  Warmed up.  Off to write.

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