In Recovery

We have endured what should be the last in-home personal confrontation without referees with Larry’s children.  I feel as if I have laid something heavy down.  Shannon and I are alternately possessed of high vigor and utter lack.

This has not been a charming several months for us.  It ended well, with an optimistic sort of business that I’ll illuminate later.

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3 thoughts on “In Recovery”

  1. Speaking of optimistic business, do you plan to attend AmberCon, and if so do you plan to stay on site? I’m considering the en suite room because I like having my own bath.

    1. It is not possible at this point to know what I am doing even next week. On the plus side, there’s an ongoing game I want to be part of — and your noble self. On the minus, there’s the 20% pay cut Shannon has taken in the past three months, with more to come.

      I suspect that we’ll be coming for part of ‘con but not the entirety. Ambercon was the beginning of our burn-out this year, but a partial ‘con shouldn’t be a problem…and time spent at Edgefield should be rejuvenating, so that’s all to the good.

      I shall put this to Shannon and see where her notions land.

      1. At this point, I’m considering getting the room I want, with two queens so that I can dish out the other one when my friends need crash space. (Of course, if you’re partial conning, the crash space may not be too important.)

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