A Section From the AuthorWay

I write the words
Tracing paths of golden pollen on the page

I write in beauty
Beauty in the sentence before me
Beauty in the sentence behind me
Beauty on the next page
Beauty on the page before

And in beauty will I edit
And in beauty will I edit
And in beauty will I edit
And in beauty will I edit

The writing magic raises me in its pen
And I am come to the page, blessed

Sa’ah naaghéi, Bik’eh hózhó

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8 thoughts on “A Section From the AuthorWay”

  1. appreciating your appreciation

    Nice of you to take the time to comment.
    Parenting is about the only job you can get without proper training or applying for it. It may be the only time you really notice yourself being your own parent who you swore you would never emulate.
    This has nothing to do with your poem except maybe the contagion of writing magic has raised me up in my own sort of pen – how cilly of me.
    To wit. Nice of you to write.

    1. Re: appreciating your appreciation


      I’ve just been flipping through Pooled Resources. I appear to be starting up some of the same paths you’ve been treading. Interesting….

      Lovely to finally meet you.

      1. Re: appreciating your appreciation

        ditto. Yes, it seems we are backing up realities rather than hard drives, having given up on being hard-driven characters in search of something novel.
        OY. best I dream the rest of this

  2. Читаю и чувствую себя как дома. Спасибо создателям за хороший ресурс!

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