Reader’s Comments!

I had no idea that this was frightening to me, but I slumped with relief of tension when I read comments on Sight Unseen (published about ten days ago on Pseudopod).

Given that this is obviously masterbatory, I’ll toss off behind the cut.

Takes from the reader’s forum:

[…]It had an element of psychological horror that I think approaches what Dean Koontz is able to do in his books, only this was like reading just the climax of a Dean Koontz novel–without all the endless preaching and the bashing over the head with the “moral.” So a thumbs up.

[…]This was a horror story which remained largely sexual throughout, but used the erotic aspects to build the nightmare. I also found the concept absolutely fascinating and original […] A unique idea and well executed.

[…]strongly reminded me of “Cupid and Psyche,” and with a beautifully deft touch, as well. Really, really enjoyed that one.

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