Oh. Well. Obviously…to everyone else….

If one is being channeled into decisions or values that one doesn’t agree with, that is a form of oppression. If one gives in to this, one’s natural reactions will generally be rage or identification with the oppressor — adopting the oppressor’s values and expectations. Once one is identifying with the oppressor, one’s inner conflict is manifest as dissatisfaction with one’s own qualities, that one is falling short so badly.

…and, if one is constantly urged to not exhibit anger, this is an attempt of the oppressor to make the decision between rage/identification.


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2 thoughts on “Oh. Well. Obviously…to everyone else….”

    1. *beams*

      I am currently searching for a third alternative to rage or assimilation.

      Shannon suggests a third: peaceably accept your experience, determine (quietly, no need for drama or violent emotion) that the experience will not be repeated, and move on enriched by your opportunity to learn.

      I feel that she’s skipping one of the steps, the one that permits one to omit the rage; you have to believe that the loss of your life-energy and time is acceptable, that the world will provide more life, more energy, more joy. She does this automatically (nearly), whereas I feel intimately the tragedy of a three year old with the ice cream dropped off of his cone; there may never be ice cream again, and woe is the only solution.

      I need to work on that. “Abundant thinking” is, I think, what the fuzzy head nutjobs call it. Since I’m becoming a fuzzy headed nutjob, I should probably catch up on that.

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