Positive Progress Backward

So.  The bit on Saturday bore fruit, and succinct fruit at that.

  • I assess duties and make decisions dispassionately
  • Afterwards I determine my emotional needs
  • If they are in conflict with the recently made decision, I aggressively question my worth as a person

That’s as succinct a syllogistic horror as anyone can expect.  48 hours have not wrought new insights, clarity, or sudden bursts of inspiration.  I understand the problem fully, and sometimes can work around it.


If I pause consciously between the dispassionate decision and the emotional experience, I just have time to give me permission to have emotional fallout, and to take steps toward remedy.  If I don’t do that, I get to ride my self-abuse carousel for a few more cycles, until I can think again.

That is a sufficiently narrowly-focused issue that Lexi the Wonder-Hypnotist would be the best possible person to talk to, to pick her brain about how to raise my success rates, and maybe build a tool or two to facilitate that.  I’ve just left her a message.

Maybe this time she’ll make me cluck like a chicken.  That always looked like fun on TV sitcoms.