Heisenbergian Commuting

I’m having a recurring difficulty in my stress management techniques.  To deal with that, I will come in early to work one or two days a week with the plan of stopping at a coffee shop and sitting for a peaceful cuppa, then, having eased pleasantly into the day, stroll into work with a bright outlook, brow unfurrowed.  Frequently I will select a coffee shop across the river, for ambiance, pastry, or really soft comfy chairs with ottomans.

And so it was today, in all those aspects.  I entered, half an hour to the good, ordered pain au chocolate and coffee, and proceeded to cleanse my soul in baked goods and vivifying beverage. Having eased as described above, I began work at the strolling part of the regimen. Through some  mischance of physics or particular virtue in the croissant,

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