The Writing Week In Review

The short version:  

  • Synopsis — good
  • Jarvis — good
The longer version:
Jarvis is everything I’d hoped for functionally when I got my full sized laptop, and everything I’d hoped for portably when I got my Alphasmart Neo.  It’s as if my two best writing tools got together and had a lovechild.


Since Jarvis is less wide than my lap, I do not need a generous seat space on public transit to be able to write.  I’ve had the normal crowded spaces with fellow commuters becoming intimate with my personal space, and there is still room to comfortably type on Jarvis.  His small screen is an asset, because even fully opened he only reaches to my knees; the next seat forward does not hamper.


All of that aside, this week was frought with spiritual peril and I would not normally have been writing.  But.  Last winter the esteemed Lisa had me learn about storyboarding, which turned into a synopsis of sorts.  Not a synopsis that was suitable to send to an agent or editor, but a bare-bones list of blocking sentences.  ”Jessica hugs Joel.  Jessica steals Joel’s soul.  Gordon is scared and appalled.”


When one’s mind is not present fully, beginning by cutting and pasting the blocking notes into the manuscript makes it easy to write.  Each sentence expands, the next sentence expands more, and then there is momentum and writing happens.


Almost 11,000 words this week, and it isn’t lunchtime yet.  I am well pleased.

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Jarvis rocks

I was going to title this “Wind Beneath …” but it was too cute and cheesy even for me.

Jarvis (the MSI Wind) is less wide than my lap and only about twice the weight of my full coffee cup.  Getting him out of my bag on the Max, wrestling him into position, and then using him is much more commuter-friendly than my normal laptop at ten pounds and 15″ wide.

Words were written.  It was not a chore.  It did not add to my stress.

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Lettin’ It Ride

I recently sold and was paid for my first two fiction sales.  This has been a lovely thing, validating and warming and, sure, money is a nice thing to have.  I’ve been wondering one thing, though.

What do I do with the money?

I could go frivol it.  I could have a great, knock-out binge at the book store or pub.  I could buy an elegant antique tea cup and eat it.  Somehow, though, those things seemed inappropriate.  If I were a business owner, I would take the proceeds of my business and roll them back into the business.  How do I do that with the writing — buy groceries?

Let me introduce you to Jarvis, a MSI Wind Notebook computer.  He can do everything that GoGo (my laptop) can do, but weighs in at about a quarter of the mass.  He is as portable and sturdy as Neo (my Alphasmart), but has a full-screen display, letting me see more than six lines … besides which, Neo has developed a warp that takes away his space bar sometimes.

Jarvis cost just a tad bit more than I grossed on the two stories.  His battery capacity is around 2.5 hours, which makes him a good companion for the Max ride to and fro, plus a bit of writing at lunch.

I was a bit worried about the size of his keyboard, but I’ve been typing this entry on him and haven’t had any issues. 


Now, if you’ll all excuse me, Jarvis and I have a novel to write.

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