Foul Word of the Day


I keep starting and restarting this, and I’m getting very little further onward. So, baldly and with no flowery speech:

I know people. Some of them have chronic pain, or processing issues that result in poor behaviors, or loved ones causing major stress, or massive overwork, or — lots of things. Life.

I was raised, and later, I considered deeply who I want to be and chose, to be compassionate and helpful. Sometimes I hit that mark, sometimes not, but it’s sort of the center about which I try to orbit. One of the repeating poor behaviors I exhibit Continue reading “Foul Word of the Day”

Suddenly, Estivation

Much with the torpidity.  Coffee makes me alert enough to recognize that I am yet unresolved as a point of sentience.  Someone is staring off into the mist over the river and numbly agreeing.  It might be me, if I were discretely conscious.

Complex things await; SQL procedures 600 lines long (promising 900 when done), calls to lawyers, letters to courts, and more to write on the drive-thru funeral parlor.


Maybe more coffee.

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