Okay! I’m alive! Lay off!

I spoke with the financial consultants, who talked to me for 45 minutes before admitting they had nothing for me in the court case, but have use afterwards.  During this time I was at work, and continuing to work…three emails came in while I was on the phone; fussy customer irritated by deadline’s passing on cow-orker’s abandoned report, fussy customer irritated because I haven’t installed revisions (I had, but she didn’t understand them and so became even more fussy), and a customer who had lost the report I sent her and was blaming me.

I got off the phone and began to compose  and email begging for help from Supervisor with cow-orkers report, that being the agravating one of the bunch, and coworker came up.

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Ch. Ugh. Ga.

Nothing is resolved, all things are colored panic-bright and ominously hanging (think Damocles at Christmas-time), but motion is ocurring and it appears to be focused in a single set of directions that will, I believe, result in me standing in a place where horse-hair strung doom is not swinging over my meat and drink.

The legal issue, for instance, is not resolved, but I understand the options available to me clearly, and know what steps to take to prevent the situiation’s worsening.  That is, I think, the best one can hope for when cleaning up years of mess.

The too-many-rats issue has been defined to all parties, clearly and succinctly.  It has resulted in no action whatsoever, but I intend to push that a bit (like, “go make a list of rentals and look at two today”).

Sleep is still not really working well for me.  As quickly as I understood the legal issues (and my mind went ohthankgawd) my attention turned to the umpteen things I’ve to do, all with deadlines of one sort or another.  The professional ones will be cleaned up about 10:00 Monday, if I go in around 6 … the furniture making ones (yes, that has a deadline) have been defined, each problem separated from the others, each one provided with resolution that can take place in sequence … exercise will simply have to be done in lesser degree for a while, and I’ve a plan for that … writing needs a whole brain, but Shannon and I have discussed a plan to get me through this week in fit shape to engage the 24-hour-writing contest next weekend.

So.  Perhaps not the chugga chugga chugga of the indomitable Catie (anybody see any idealization there?  I should send her a pedestal), but I’ll be up to full chugga soon enough.

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The gods are telling me I am alive

Sequence is too difficult.  Y’all get temporal potluck.

The essence of my current stress is the laundry list, to wit:

  • Too many rats live in my cage; one has to go, no matter how well behaved a rat he is
  • In a department of three, if one coworker departs the workload becomes untenable
  • When the coworker was unprofessionaly indolent, highlighting your behavior with dedicated professionalism is nearly obligatory
  • There are too many ongoing chores on my plate right now
  • The last week has had more social engagements than I know how to cope with (I kept balanced, but even good stress is stress)
  • Friday I was served with a summons to small claims court
  • The weekend was spent in impotent spinning
  • Monday I arranged a lawyer and a financial advisor to help us navigat this mess
  • I have, in the past week, told more people what my limits are than I am accustomed to in a year
  • I’ve been telling them in unapologetic, clear terms; explicite, concise, and strongly phrased.

Okay, I can see why I was having difficulty with sequence.  This all happened at once.  There have been professional, social, self-actualization, domestic, financial, legal, and child-rearing issues all in the last week.

I’ll catch up when and as I can, but y’know, I already have a novel to write, so some bits may remain shrouded in mystery.

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