Measure (H)8

I’m not going to go on at length.  At all.  But I truly do not undestand some things.

1.  How does someone else’ marriage change the validity of mine?  Polygamists, same-sex partners, goatherds with dewy eyes whenever he contemplates his caprine odalisque — none of those are in my marriage, so what how do they change it?

2.  The No-on-8 crowd kept talking about “marriage, love, family, support”.  Whereas Pro-8 can be exemplified by public blackmail.  For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor, on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit.  52% of voting Californians thought that threats and blackmail come from good trees — moral trees.

I am not, generally, political enough to even know the issues exist, let alone what they are.  This one, though, makes me want to cry.

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