Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added, salt, water, sugar, and sodium nitrite

I have gotten my first piece of automated commentary promoting products I’ve no interest in.  The joys of ownership are welling up in me.

*sigh*  I suppose I’d best start looking into anti-SPAM devices….

Meanwhile, in a fit of cruelty, I went to an even dozen adult websites and registered comments with the SPAM email’s replyto address and web page as the author.  If we’re lucky, the adult sites will combat the trash sites and kill one another off.

Hey, a man is only as good as his dreams.

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Not succeeding does not make one a failure

I’ve spent the past week trying to implement WordPress, widely advertised as so utterly simple to install and use that any blunt edged intellect can do the job.

I, apparently, am not just any blunt-edged intellect.

I’ve been poking at it daily, nightly, until my self-esteem puddles about my feet and my soul is nothing but cobwebs. I am going to go do something — anything — else but troubleshoot this benighted collection of poorly associated ones and zeroes. I’d like to go to bed tonight, just once this week, not utterly covered with a feeling of oppressive incompetence.

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I am dot-commed

I have purchased I am going to give myself rewards relating to it; write and post a basic web-page placeholder, write and work on my Hero’s Rosary webpage, write and … you get it.

Professional (in progress) authors have web pages, after all, and I’m the sort of author who has things out for submission and stuff. Better get a web page up so people can go gawk at the sorts of things professional authors put on the web.

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